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Are you afraid of traveling by bus? Are you scared of your thoughts about death? Do you have intrusive thoughts that you can not sleep through? Or maybe some habits make it difficult for you to function everyday, for example, washing your hands too often? If you feel that you can not cope, contact us for an interview with an experienced and committed psychotherapist in one of our psychology center in Warsaw.

Our quote is “Psychotherapy close to you” (Psychoterapia Bliska Tobie). We provide the support of a team of experienced specialists: psychologists-diagnostics, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. We specialize in helping children, young people, their parents and young adults. The conversation, starting with the simple words “what’s up?” (Co Tam?), Can turn into one that will help you deal with difficulties. It is the professionalism, commitment and home atmosphere that distinguishes our Warsaw clinics. Make an appointment for a psychotherapy session at our psychotherapy center in Warsaw and feel better!


You should contact us if:

  • you are afraid of meeting people
  • you have a problem finding your other half
  • you argue with your partner / partner,\you have intrusive, recurring thoughts – for example, you wash your hands too often
  • you have problems with proper nutrition
  • you suspect your depression or personality disorder
  • you suffer from anxiety or neurosis
  • you feel that your problems are overwhelming you
  • you have difficulty in getting along with others
  • you do not control your emotions
  • you have aggression attacks
  • you are worried about your child’s behavior
  • you are experiencing mourning
  • you want to improve the quality of your life
  • you can not sleep or you have nightmares
  • you have difficult childhood memories
  • it’s difficult to focus
  • you can not enjoy life or you do not want to live
  • you want to improve your relationship with your partner / partner
  • you want to improve your relationship with your child
  • you are planning big changes in your life (divorce, moving, changing jobs)
  • You need a sincere conversation with an open person in a friendly atmosphere


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